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Just got my room completed a couple of weeks before Christmas. Glass roof, sliding doors on 2 sides etc., Already been well used and even had a crowd during that sunny Christmas Day, chilly outside but very nice inside.

The project was a very challenging one due to where it had to be placed, the house modifications needed and improvements needed for drainage. For the most part I, project managed and did some of the groundwork. Joe O’Brien gave nothing but fantastic support and advice throughout planning and building process. All done over the phone and the odd video call as needed. Extraordinarily pleasant person to deal with. Infinite patience as well. The structure itself was delivered neatly packed onsite and the quality was apparent as it was being assembled. A word of warning to DIYers..don’t do it unless you understand levels, can text/prototype your ideas, are tooled up and maybe a few good builders you are friendly with. This is a quality piece of kit that need quality groundwork in place. Also unless you’re a pro glazer, you leave that to Joe’s team. A pane weights 7-80kgs.

To date, I have been hit with force 7 gales(so far) bucketing raing and it does not as much as shimmer. Was thinking of puting draught excluders in sliding doors but now doing a re-think as wind ingress seems minimal. Heating ! Nah!! Let the sun shine. Its an outdoor room without gales. Cannot wait for Spring.

Philip Murtagh