Complete Garden Room with Glass Sliding System

Create an extra space!

  • Roof – Polycarbonate or 8mm safety glass
  • 8mm or 10mm glass sliding walls
  • Heavy Duty Gutter
  • Post profiles
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Top and bottom subrails (anodized)
  • Statistical calculation
  • 4 standard colours: White (RAL 9016), Cream white (RAL 9001),
    Anthracite with texture (RAL 7016) or Grey texture (RAL 9007)


With a garden room, you create it as if it were an extra space to your property that perfectly overflows into your garden. When it’s just too cold to sit in your garden, you can sit comfortably in a garden room and enjoy your garden.

The garden room with Glass sliding walls is standard delivered with a glass or polycarbonate roof, two glass gables and glass sliding walls. The glass causes the garden room to heat faster and this holds heat well. In addition, glass allows a lot of light to penetrate the garden room so you can enjoy a charming view of your garden.

The complete glass sliding door system with 8mm or 10mm glass sliding walls consists of post profiles, stainless steel handles and a top and bottom subrail. The glass panels are separate from each other and fit in virtually any situation. This flexible weather and wind protection system assign a unique flat bottom rail. This allows for a unique virtually barrier-free passage.

The glass sliding door system is further supplied with luxury aluminium post profiles that provide a perfect finish.