Flatroof Veranda with Glass

The Flatroof Edition Veranda is a stylish veranda with an optical flat roof and 22 cm high roof edges. This veranda is extremely suitable for situations where a veranda with a standard sloping roof is not desired.

  • Less dependent on height
  • Extra strong gutter
  • Expand to a garden room
  • No Gable required
  • Integrated drainage system




Optical flat roof
The Flatroof Edition has an optically flat roof. The roof is placed in a minimal slope, so that water can easily be drained through the posts. Around the roof, a robust edge is placed, making the roof optically flat.

Choice of three edge caps
The Flatroof Edition is supplied standard with a modern flat edge cover with 5 cm overhang. Do you want to provide the Flatroof Edition with a more robust appearance, then you have the option to equip the veranda with a flat or round cap cover with 22 cm overhang.

Attached to a house or freestanding
The optical flat roof means that the elegant Flatroof Edition can be combined extremely well with a modern home or bungalow. Whether you place the veranda freestanding or attached to your home, the Flatroof Edition fits perfectly with the visual appearance of your home.