Freestanding Veranda

Ultimate Freedom

  • 16 mm polycarbonate GD Clear or GD Opal
  • 8mm laminated glass or polycarbonate
  • 125mm x 125mm reinforced aluminium posts
  • Standard gutter profile
  • Statistical calculation
  • 4 standard colours: White (RAL 9016), Cream white (RAL 9001),
    Anthracite with texture (RAL 7016) or Grey texture (RAL 9007)


No veranda attached to your home, but an ideal place to sit in your garden? A detached veranda construction from RoomOutdoors allows you to create a veranda in your garden, loose from your home. With the free-standing veranda, the gutter is at the rear and the highest point of the veranda is at the front.

Through this clever placement the gutter is not directly visible and you can enjoy a full view. With the Legend Edition free-standing construction you have a choice of two kinds of roofing; Polycarbonate GD bright or Polycarbonate GD Clear. The GD
Opal is bright in colour and lets light through. The GD Clear is milky white in colour. For an additional fee, you can also choose polycarbonate roofing with specific qualities, such as heat-resistant plates.

You can expand our detached verandas with different wall options of aluminum which is a perfect complement to prevent wind and rain entering your veranda. With the unique snap-on system from RoomOutdoors you are sure of a stable wall. In addition, of course, this free-standing construction also expand with our extra options to complete your ideal seating area.