Superior Edition Veranda with Glass

The ultimate veranda

  • Optional of 8 mm or 10mm safety glass
  • Standard gutter profile
  • Extra strong gutter
  • Statistical calculation
  • 1 standard colour: anthracite grey with texture (RAL 7016)


The Superior Edition Veranda with glass roofing is the crème de la crème among the verandas. The glass roofing gives your the Superior Edition  Veranda a very exclusive appearance and allows for maximum light. The veranda is equipped with luxurious safety glass of 8 mm or 10 mm. With the longer dimensions, there adds a sizeable weight to the veranda, especially with a glass roof.

The unique system of the Superior Edition Veranda is very strong and therefore suitable for unprecedented verandas up to 7 metres width and 6 metres deep. That is 42 m² build on only two posts. These thicker beams, thicker gutter and thicker stands are therefore extremely suitable for catering enterprises and sport associations. In addition, the glass roof gives an even more open and more luxurious experience.

In addition, there are different options available, such as a glass slide system that allows you to shut down your terrace when it is cold and rainy.

Let your guests at off season times enjoy your outdoor terrace with the Superior Edition veranda from RoomOutdoors.