Superior Edition Veranda with Polycarbonate

The ultimate veranda

  • 16 mm thick Polycarbonate GD Clear or GD Opal
  • Standard gutter profile
  • Extra strong gutter
  • Statistical calculation
  • 1 standard colour: Anthracite with texture (RAL 7016)


The Superior Edition Veranda is the King amongst the aluminium verandas. A world class product that was officially released by RoomOutdoors in 2015.

The Superior Edition Veranda is a veranda with extremely high load bearing forces. It can be built up to the unprecedented size of 7 metres width and 6 metres deep. That is 42 m² on only two posts! With thicker beams, thicker gutter and thicker stands this veranda is therefore extremely suitable for catering enterprises and sport associations.

With the Superior Edition Veranda you have two kinds of standard roofing; Polycarbonate GD Opal or the Polycarbonate GD Clear. The GD Opal is bright in colour and lets light through. The GD Clear is milky white in colour.
For an additional fee, you can also choose Polycarbonate roofing with specific qualities, such as heat-resistant plates.

In addition, there are different options available, such as a glass slide system that allows you to shut down your terrace when it is cold and rainy.

Let your guests also enjoy your outdoor terrace off season with the Superior Edition Veranda from RoomOutdoors.